Poker Agent (Paid)

Poker Agent (Paid)

Poker Agent (Paid)

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Poker Agent Introduction

October 22, 1991 Inside Edition Story (Tom Vu)


Poker Agent is a live poker player's best friend. Poker Agent handles session logging, player tracking, hand recording, and an odds calculator. In addition to it's core functionality, it has a ton features not found in any other application.

Poker Agent has some unique user interface elements, for a complete understanding watch the introduction video.

Poker Agent DOES NOT support small screens or extra large screens (tablets).

If you experience any problems please give me a chance to resolve it before you give the application a poor rating. You can email me at

There is a free limited-use version of Poker Agent on the Android Market. Try it out first to see if you like it.

Poker Agent imports from CSV files from Poker Income and Poker Logger.

- Session tracking and reporting (supports penny stakes like $.10/$.25)
- Player tracking
- Player and Session Notes
- Break Timer
- Automated Backups
- Automated location determination (using wifi and gps)
- Hand History (player and session based)
- Flop and Turn equity calculations
- Flop, Turn, and River combinatorial calculations
- Post session email
- International Currency Support
- Post flop player's statistics
- Setting the game type at each table
- Tracking Win/Loss per table
- Allow win/loss to be updated multiple times per session
- Expense tracking at the table level (tips, transportation, rake, etc).
- Money borrowed and loaned
- Tournament support
- Bankroll management
- Poker Stove light
- Hand history reporting

- Fixed a bug with session creation
- Fixed a bug with session graph
- Fixed a bug with hand history list
- Fixed color on report filters